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checkme24 is an online-management portal for businesses. It supports its customers by carrying out a systematic selection of internal and external candidates as well as filling management vacancies with suitable candidates. Using scientifically validated quick-checks, which have also been tried and tested in practice, our customers receive a detailed self-perception or a third-party-perception of the personality of the candidate in question within minutes.

Choose employees
Is this person suitable
for the position?

Start the Potential Check

Potential Check

Develop Managers
How efficient and effective are
the manager's leadership skills?

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Leadership Check

Activating employees
How much authority does
the manager have?

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Power Check

Assume responsibility
Do your employees have
a good sense of business?

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Maturity Check


Reduce bad hiring decisions and the resulting costs

Working together with customers we reduce the number of bad hiring decisions and the resulting costs.

checkme24's customers are leading companies from all branches of industry which set high quality standards for themselves, their employees and their management. Ethical business practices are fundamental principles of our dealings with business partners.

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Guaranteed long-term benefits

nachhaltigkeit sicherstellen

Through our cooperation with the training and consulting experts ALPHA TOP MANAGEMENT CONSULTING, our customers have the option of profiting from an integrated system which includes on-site training and online tests. Topics which have been dealt with during training can be explored in more depth afterwards, assisted by the checkme24 test procedure. This multi-step procedure ensures that the topics dealt with make a lasting impact.


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Rates, Terms and Conditions

The costs for a bad hire in middle management amount to up to
250,000 euros per year. Use checkme24 to avoid expensive mistakes, and keep yourself informed about our rates, terms and conditions.

Rates, Terms and Conditions